LOCUST is an acronym for our group, and I introduce our members by their user names used on Oliver Canby’s blog. Naturally I am the person who runs this blog, and I simply use the term “Lock Oliver Canby Up” (LOCU). The ST stands for “Support Team”.

This is in order of appearance.

Human Being: A sophomore at the University of Denver, he is studying psychology and has an interest in neurological conditions including Autism.

Rick: Rick is a father of two with both of them on the Autistic Spectrum. The elder is lower functioning than the younger but both are able to talk and are progressing through support structures in New Jersey. This is his real first name.

Factchecker: An ICT consultant, he resides in Texas and has worked on contract for the state police and various county law enforcement groups. He has dealt with people with Autism.

Crapola: A friend of Factchecker’s in the same industry and does the same work.

Jarryd: A freshman at Chicago State University, Jarryd is studying chemistry with the intention of becoming a pharmacist. He also has a half brother who is Autistic and wants to show that vaccines have nothing to do with Autism once and for all.

A Friend: Like Rick, this is another father of two Autistic children who lives in Kansas and gets help through support structures.

Jedi Padawan: This was a very funny line put out by a brother of one of the members who did add comments later.

Lord X: This is an altar boy who has committed to studying to be a priest and is showing wonderful signs as his entry showed. He resides in Louisiana.

Reverend FT: This is Lord X’s priest and our spiritual leader. FT are the initials of his real name, and naturally he resides and preaches in Louisiana.

Godwin: A nice play on words from another priest and from Reverend FT’s class. He resides and preaches in Alabama and is more liberal as his language and sense of humor demonstrates.

Reality Check: Another father of an Autistic, who lives in Florida.

Jack: This is one of our group’s core, and the brother of “Jedi Padawan”. He is a psychologist in New York and specializes in the Autistic Spectrum. It’s his real first name and he travels a great deal in his work.

Comedy Relief: A budding comedian who has been using Oliver’s delusion as a routine. It’s getting a lot of laughs at our meetings and I hope he presents it at a comedy club of some sort.

Winner: A personal connection here, as this user is my own half brother and resides in San Francisco, California.

Trisha: The wife of Rick and Oliver’s attack on her was the reason Rick never posted again.

Honest Advice: This is another psychologist, who resides in New Mexico.

Lyle: Lyle is another member of our core group and uses his real first name. He is a counselor for the health department in Nevada and has family in California. He lost a good friend in the Oklahoma City bombings.

Sam Eagle: This was an attempt by an experienced former county politician in California, who is a part of our core group, to coax false information out. It failed as Oliver refused to name the states that “ratified” his fake amendment.

Edwina: This is Jack’s wife and a very funny lady as her comment demonstrates.

Alan: Alan is a doctor who practises in San Diego and I think may be closest to Los Angeles. He is a member of the core group.

Leader: This was in fact me before I opted for the LOCU user name. I am only revealing that now.

Anonymous #XYZ: This was another father of an Autistic, and he resides in Oregon.

Diaper: Yet another father of an Autistic, who resides in New Mexico.

I have a life: This is a freshman at the University of Denver who joined us at the invitation of Human Being above.

Many but not all of the anonymous comments came from other members of our group.